All new asphalt pavement requires a suitable base course to be constructed prior to the placement of the asphalt. The construction and choice of base course thickness and material will vary depending upon:

  • The type of existing ground the pavement is to be built on. i.e. sand, gravel or clay.
  • What form of transport will be using the paved surface. i.e. cars, trucks, semi trailers, forklifts.
  •  Location of the project and the grades of the pavement.
  •  Any existing base course material that may be already onsite.

Jackson Paving can undertake all necessary earthworks prior to asphalt placement including:

  • Establishing design levels.
  • Tree pruning and tree removal.
  • Stripping and removing from site unwanted surface material.
  • Grading and shaping sub-grade material.
  • Supplying, laying and compacting base course material and making ready for asphalt placement.
  • Compaction testing.

No earthworks are commenced without a final onsite meeting with the client to reconfirm the workscope and allow for any modifications a client may wish to make to the set out of the job.


Asphalt pavements have minimal water absorption and can quickly create large volumes of water that need to be properly drained off the pavement.

At the initial site inspection phase Jackson Paving will focus on the issue of water flow and drainage. We can undertake all types of drainage works including:

  • Estimate drainage storage capacity requirements.
  • Identify ground type and the most suitable method of drainage for ground type.
  • Soakwell installation.
  • Interconnecting soakwells to balance drainage capacity.
  • Spoon drain installation.
  • Shaping base course material to divert water flow over the edges of the paved surface.

A properly drained asphalt pavement will have increased longevity.


Kerbing is an integral element of many paving projects. It can be used to:

  • Control vehicle movement.
  • Retain landscaping and garden beds.
  • Direct and control water flow.
  • Enhance the aesthetic look of the project.
  • Protect the edges of the paved surface from damage and erosion.

Jackson Asphalt use only commercial grade concrete for kerbing. Garden style kerbing is not suitable for trafficable areas. Kerbing is available in 4 main profiles and a number of different colours besides grey. Kerbing profiles consist of:

  • Flush – The kerb is flat and finished at the same height as the asphalt.
  • Barrier – a vertical kerb face of 150mm.
  • Mountable – a vertical kerb face of only 40mm as it is tapered to enable vehicles and ride on mowers to travel over.
  • Semi-mountable – a combination of the barrier and mountable kerbing profiles.


All types of linemarking for carparks, sports courts, roadways and pathways and disabled bays are sometimes required after asphalt.
Let Jackson Asphalt take care of your linemarking requirements

The remediation of old cracked paving surfaces may require the use of a hot crack sealing product prior to asphalt placement.  The cracks have the debris blown out prior to filling with a bituminous sealing product either hot or cold.

Existing asphalt surfaces can be profiled to remove failed sections and permit the tie in of new asphalt to existing service lids and floors.

Mechanical sweeping is often required to remove debris and loose material from a surface prior to asphalt placement.

Primer Sealing
The use of a one coat seal of bitumen and granite aggregate underneath the asphalt wearing course is used on high end specifications and on steep slopes where asphalt is to be placed.

Two Coat Sealing
The use of a two coat seal is an alternative to a machine laid asphalt road.  You will see this on all country roads.

Traffic Control
To maintain traffic flows and provide a safe working area for asphalt placement traffic controllers and signage are used where appropriate and required by council, main roads and common sense.

Soakwell Cleaning
Soakwells over time can fill with debris and become less functional. Suction cleaning can restore the original drainage capacity and eliminate surface flooding.

Geotextile Matting
Jackson Asphalt is one of few if not the only company in Perth that lays geotextile fabric under asphalt when resheeting tennis courts, basketball courts etc.

Sports Court Equipment
The supply and installation of basketball and netball backboards and goal posts, tennis posts and sleeves, and volleyball post and sleeves.

Acrylic Surfaces
Acrylic surfaces in a wide range and combination of colours can be laid for basketball and netball, tennis and volleyball courts complete with all court markings.

Speed Humps and Water Diverters

Are you a city council that needs to install speed humps and water diverters, or do you have your own private car park that needs assistance? Our sister company, Potholes Perth, offers this service.