Hardstand – Parking Heavy Loads

A hardstand is a paved area designed to take the load of heavy machinery and vehicles parked for a long period. Sandy or grassy surfaces can sink under heavy equipment, so installing a hardstand helps you park vehicles or machinery securely when they aren’t in use.

Asphalt can be used to seal a hardstand at a later date, for improved longevity and strength. Jackson Asphalt offers end-to-end services for your hardstand surfacing needs, right from construction to repair, maintenance and resurfacing.

Why are Hardstands Effective?

Hardstand surfaces are effective in a wide range of situations, including driveways, car parks, quarries, lumber sites, etc. They form a tough and durable surface for the convenience of parking heavy vehicles, as well as easily accessing them when needed.

The major types of hardstand surfaces include:

  • Roadbase – This light grey material is generally used for commercial sites.
  • Gravel – Also called ferricrete, this is an attractive orange-hued material.
  • Limestone – This white or cream-coloured material is not as popular for hardstands that will later be sealed with asphalt.

Advantages of Hardstand Surfaces

As compared to concrete paving, hardstands offer many benefits for residential and commercial applications:

  • The installation of machine-laid hardstand paving is much safer than manual paving methods, and quicker too.
  • There’s no delay between installation and use, unlike concrete which takes a long time to cure even after it has been laid.
  • This paving material is environmentally-friendly, since it can easily be recycled instead of being disposed in a landfill.
  • It can be recycled simply by lifting and palletising it, while concrete needs to be processed with rock breakers or crushers.
  • It’s very cost-effective, reduces waste of labour, and looks quite beautiful when it’s professionally installed at your site.

Why Jackson Asphalt?

Jackson Asphalt is the oldest asphalt company in Perth, and we’ve laid hundreds of thousands of sq. m. of high-quality hardstand to date. We always personalize each project, based on required specifications, type of material and other factors. Our experienced team will also guide you through the options, so call us for a free quote today!