Caring for a New Driveway or Asphalt Car Park

If your new asphalt is installed on a Wednesday you can start using it on Thursday. It would be great if you can give it another day but if you need to use it here is a few tips for looking after your new asphalt.

Tyres are designed to stick to asphalt therefore do not turn your steering wheel when the car is stationery as this will create two scuff marks from the front tyres.
Motor bike stands, bike stands even high heel shoes can sink into new asphalt if the weather is warm enough so we recommend putting down a wooded board off cut while the weather is warm for bikes.

Elevated work platforms, tractor tyre etc damage new asphalt and we recommend waiting for cooler weather or placing sheets of plywood down. Aggressive driving by trucks, sharp quick turning etc needs to be avoided in the warmer weather.

Steel wheeled bins will damage or sink into the asphalt so please use rubber wheels or place concrete or steel sheets under the wheels.

What happens if I do damage the asphalt? It depends on how damaged the asphalt is. A little scuffing will generally disappear or minimize over time from the tyres continuing to drive over it, gouges or sinking marks will need to be cut and removed or gassed and raked with asphalt fines added.

If you have any other questions please call us or look at the Asphalt 101 section on out website.